Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cut alloys are becoming evermore popular. A Diamond Cut alloy is an alloy wheel that has had all or only part of the painted surface removed this leaves a very shiny finish. The alloy is then has a lacquer cover to prevent corrosion.

Diamond cut alloys add appeal and style to the appearance of old and new vehicles.

Diamond Cut alloys need to be removed from the vehicle as they are repaired using a special lathe. This lathe removes layers of paint and lacquer leaving a smooth surface for the repair to take place. Depending on the damage, usually a first stage powder coat finish is applied to the cut alloy and cured. Once the dried and cooled, a thin layer is cut from the alloy using our specialist lathe and then a clear lacquer is applied. The alloy is then returned to the oven for one final cure.

Our team specialises in diamond CNC cutting. Our bespoke diamond cutting lathe provides you with a high-quality finish. Our team is qualified and professional, and we guarantee a great result and a stunning look for your rims. Call us now to discuss your requirements.